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Aural Secks
Stardate: TODAY!
After months of dormancy, he returns again. At last reunited with the ability to passively absorb snippets from the journalistic contribution of others, without actually contributing anything of merit himself. Our hero dashes off into the night! ONTO THE GREAT COUCH OF NAPPING. AND WITH THE SPEED OF A THOUSAND FLIGHTY BIRDS, HE NAPS.



*dreams of shape-shifting aliens*


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By the way, clementines are delicous. Sweet, juicy, small and perfectly orange. They're like candy! The fact that they are uninterrupted by pips is almost unnatural. Somewhere, probably in California, they grow on trees. THEY GROW! They aren't created in a factory. They have one ingredient: clementine. (OK, they're obviously composed of various things, but in terms of their manufacture... ingredients necessary to equate a single clementine = a single clementine).

One day soon I would like to visit a far off land where clementines grow on trees, and pick one.

Then eat it.

Then throw the peel at a hobo.
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Before my last big lifestyle change (the switch from Windows to Macintosh) one of this many things I enjoyed was the perpetual state of flux my PC and peripherals were in. I was constantly upgrading, modifying, and otherwise "being all up in my PC case." What some would consider hassle was like a hobby. Can I overclock my processor if I add a heat sink the size of a bear? Can I run DirectX 9 using this shmancy video card? Can I put blue lights, spinners and a live band in my PC case? (Yes, I could.)

You buy a mac, and then the modification and tinkering leaves the realm of the physical. No hardware swapouts, no spontaneous drive reconfiguration... Everything is software based. Which is fine.

BUT I WASN'T SATISFIED!! I had to do something, so I tried to change the color of the little Apple logo on the lid.

It was a success, and a disaster. I managed to pry off the lid (there are dozens of little clips holding it on, which were a bitch to detatch) and augment the apple with a splicing of theatrical gels making a reproduction of the original (1984) striped apple logo. It looks fantastic. BUT I CAN'T GET THE LID BACK ON PROPERLY!!

Never have I been so frustrated as with this blasted lid.

So I'm going to run it over with a car. That's right. Just run it the fuck over. How bout that!


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I want to start writing in my LiveJournal.


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You know, the epic Roman Polanski film? Das Livejournal? With all those Nazi submarine captains trapped online?
I needed something to be the first entry. Das ist mein First Entry.

Watch out for depth charges.

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